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Don't confuse this juice bar with other smoothie bars. Inta Juice is a wonder of its own and offers a healthy alternative to eating fruits and vegetables. Each drink is loaded with nutrition straight from nature with no added sugars. Select from a menu of more than 50 flavors plus over 10 nutritional boosts for an extra kick. The only thing you have to ask yourself is: What flavor are you Inta? Learn More

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Inta Juice serves fresh fruit smoothies in more than 50 flavors like Acai Smoothie, Matcha Green Tea, Watermelon Wave and Strawberry Blast with two Free supplemens. Can't find what you like, "Create Your Own", by customizing your own smoothie. Or try a shot of our local Organic Wheatgrass or the new craze GINGER SHOTS! For all of the Vegetable juice lovers we have our locally Famous Extreme Veggie (Carrot, Apple, Ginger, Spinich, Lemon, Lime, Celery, Cucumber and Beets opt). Check our menu for our new Vegetable Blends.

Dairy and non-dairy options are also on the menu.
No added sugar and our fruits are unsweetened. Chose from 100% juices, Apple, Peach, Pineapple and our Fresh Squeesed Orange Juice as nature intended, now available organic soy milk and unsweetened almond milk.

Try our # I selling smoothie, "Make My Day", almond milk, banana, whey, pea or soy protein, natural peanut butter, honey and gluten free granola with strawberries and cherries. Great for a meal replacement or pre or post workout.



Come between 8am to 2pm on July 4th for a free 16oz Orange Crush smoothie if you buy a 32 oz drink. Hope to see you there!




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This place is GREAT! These people really know their stuff when it comes to being healthy and provide a great selection of smoothies and juice. I will never go to jamba juice again. It's ridiculous the amount of sugar and other "syrups" jamba adds. This place is straight yogurt, juice, supplements, etc. Delicious!
JennaW Chandler, AZ